Indian Spices: The required skills to buy the best ones

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Indian Spices: The required skills to buy the best ones

When it comes to buying Indian Spices, there is a certain technique and a few guidelines which must be followed.


They are the most unique feature of Indian cooking and ensure that the correct balance of taste and flavour is available from the dish that is cooked using the spices. Buying Indian spices requires the correct eye and sense of smell so as to distinguish between what is authentically Indian and what is not. India has been the home of delicious spices which have changed the way a dish tastes. For centuries, Indian spices have been the centre of business and commerce in India. Buying good Indian spices is not very difficult because as far as the availability of spices is concerned, there is no dearth of it in India. India has been a leading spices exporter for decades and many small shops still stock and sell a large quantity of spices for day to day sales.

Buying from local spice shops is still considered to be the best because not only are these shops known for their variety of spices but also because they hand-pick spices from dealers and ensure that only the best ones are selected.

There are a variety of spices in India which are available all over the country. Some of the most common spices in the country are red and black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, asafetida, cumin, mustard, saffron, poppy, chili and many more. These spices are often sold in local shops as well as old business shops which have a traditional history of selling spices. These old shops procure spices from all over the country and ensure that the spices are authentic and fresh. These spices can be smelled and an expert can easily understand the difference between fresh and stale spices. It is often seen that grandmothers and mothers can recognize fresh spices immediately due to years of experience in cooking.

Like many items, whole spices and ground spices could also be bought online. When buying spices online, a few things must be kept in mind as guidelines. The online store from which one plans to buy the spices must have been in the business of selling spices for a while. This guarantees delivery of fresh spices as opposed to other online shops which might sell stale spices as they are relatively new in the business and are not able to make much revenue out of sales.

When buying whole and ground spices online, it is advisable to buy in small quantities at the beginning. This will ensure that the buyer is able to know about the quality of the spices and how good are the delivery skills of the shop. Also spices should always be bought in small quantities because that ensures that they are used up pretty fast and there are no chances of them becoming stale. One another important point to remember before one embarks upon his or her journey of online shopping of spices is to have a clear idea about the online store’s return policy.