Whole Spices

India is heaven of exotic spices and has attracted countries of the globe for centuries and even wars have been fought for them. India coveted position in the world of quality spices still stands unchallenged. Other countries have tried to replicate Indian spices; even though they could produce spices, the distinctness of quality of Indian spices remains gloriously un-replicated.

The aroma of whole spice is not released until you grind it at home, so you are assured of fresh taste every time. Whole spices are generally less expensive than ground spices and can be ground with a mortar and pestle or a small hand grinder or grater.

We also boast of a wide range of packing capacities right from min 500 gms to 20kgs, apart from these packages, we understand the value of customization and are in a position to pack according to the needs of our clients.

Indian Dried Chilly

Turmeric (Whole)

Black Pepper

Basil Seeds




Cumin Seeds

Green Cardamom

Star Anise

Black Mustard Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds

Dill Seeds