Tips on Buying Whole Spices

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Tips on Buying Whole Spices

Spices play an important role in making our food delicious thus it is important to buy whole spices keeping in mind few things to get the best products. In the following sections let us look at what they are.

How whole spices are better than grounded?

Grounded spices generally stay on the shelves of stores for about a year on an average and before that remain in the warehouse for almost another year. As average life span of grounded spices is roughly around 6 months, it is more than likely that you are purchasing stale spices.

In addition to it, these are of low quality and often have many contaminants. Thus the best thing to do is to buy whole spices from any online store and grind them on your own for retaining highest potency as well as get a fuller flavor.

Are cheap spices good?

Well there are some reasons why they are cheap. As health regulations with regards to ground spices are rather lax, possibility of impurities present in such spices is higher. Such impurities include dead insects, mold, excreta, wire, rat hairs and many other similar things.

You can expect such foreign matter to be about 20% of your ground spices. So now you know why it is better to go for whole spices.

Tips for Buying Spices:

  1. Before selecting any whole spices India online, check review sites for any negative feedback about the site. This way you will be able to judge the quality of spices a whole spices exporter is providing.
  2. Make sure the whole spices exporter website provides safe online transaction facility by implementing SSL encryption. This way will be assured that your personal as well as credit card details will remain safe.
  3. Compare few whole spices India online portals to check whether anyone is offering lower prices and if so then why there prices are lower than others.
  4. Check whether website has good customer services and whether they reply to all your mails and phone calls promptly. They should be available in case you need any assistance while buying from their site.